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Living Trekism gives tactical alert
"Transfiction is a method"
(Deutsche Version)

As Trekkies we share Gene Roddenberry's dream of a global civilisation in which diverse ideas and life forms are no longer a cause for war but have become the reason for individual and collective advancement. In 2004 earth time we are further away from this dream than many would have thought after the fall of the Berlin wall. In this light the coming elections of the president of the United States of America could be an important way mark on the long road to realising the dream of a Federation of the Planet Earth.
The Citizens of the United States of America will be electing their president on November 2nd and in this will be making a decision that concerns many people on this planet. With war, terror and global problems in ecological, medical, economical and social matters, much depends on the willingness of the remaining "superpower" to take on the responsibility for its political and economical importance. Time has long come for an America that is thinking and acting globally. An America, that can see solving global problems as an essential interest of the US citizens. Nevertheless, in the last four years we have seen an US administration that has been acting highly irresponsible: for example by blocking the Kyoto protocol, by neglecting the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians und finally by an invasion and occupation of Iraq against the will of the international community which lured this country and the occupation troops led by the US on to predicted chaos. And while even the US inspectors in the end confirmed that Iraq under Saddam Hussein did not have a program for the production of weapons of mass destruction, President George W. Bush is not able to recognise his mistakes and to adopt another curse of action.

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