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"Das kollektive Pseudonym Luther Blisset wurde von zahlreichen Künstlern und Aktivisten auf der ganzen Welt benutzt. Die Wung Ming Foundation schrieb unter diesem Namen ihren Roman “Q“, die autonome a.f.r.i.k.a.-gruppe ihr “Handbuch der Kommunikationsguerilla“. Der Name ist ein Medienphantom, der Held aller Anarchisten. Das Projekt “Be Luther Blisset” hat sich nun die Frage gestellt: Wie würde ein Logo für Luther Blisset aussehen? Und an diesem Beispiel den Sinn des “Brandings” hinterfragt: “A visual identity for Luther Blisset? Sounds not only like a impossible task, but also like a bad idea…

Graphic identities by (corporate) culture are rigid visual representations, based on strict communication rules, which serve as a guideline for communication of a brand. We don’t think that Luther Blissett needs a brand. The established practices of branding, which construct imposed identities, statistical targets, knee-jerk populations are light years away from open, non hierarchical, networked movements such as Luther Blisset. Our ambition in this project is to research the theory and practice of visual communication and graphic design and to give to every Luther a visual tool, if he needs it. In the perspective of an independent network, such as Luther Blissett, how important is the process of “branding”? By that we mean the tactical communication of the organization’s symbolic capital in a direction of self-deconstruction, and with that, the creation of the necessary critical distance of one’s own audience towards one’s own medium. All this with the purpose of stimulating the audience’s critical perspective.” (1)

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